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  • સ્ટાફ મુલાકાત
    શ્રી આદર્શ બી.એસ.સી.કોલેજમાં સર પી.પી. સાયન્સ કોલેજના સ્ટાફ દ્વારા મુલાકાત લેવામાં આવી.
  • Lakhani Rutvika uni. first in bca sem-5 2014-15
    Lakhani Rutvika get "FIRST" rank in BCA sem-5 university exam
  • Jivani Bhoomi uni. SECOND in bca sem-5 2014
    Jivani Bhoomi get SECOND rank in BCA sem-5 university exam
  • BCA Sem-5 result - 2014-15 , 5 Student in Uni top
    BCA Sem-5 Result -2014-15, 5 student ranked in uni.top ten list.
  • Dangi Mausmi uni. THIRD in bca sem-5 2014-15
    Dangi Mausmi uni.get THIRD Rank in bca sem-5 2014-15
  • M.Sc(IT) Sem-2 - 4 Student ranked in uni.top ten
    Adarsh M.Sc(IT) College, 4 student get top rank in uni.
  • Annual Day Celebration
    Adarsh Campus celebrates annual day on date 10th January 2014.
  • ગરમ કપડાનું વિતરણ
    આદર્શ એમએસડબલ્યુ અને એમએસસી(આઈટી) કોલેજ દ્વારા ગરીબોને ગરમ કપડાનું વિતરણ કરાયું

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Our Mission & Vision

The Takshashila Trust, as a residential College, must maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill. In particular, it must attain the highest academic standards.

The Takshashila Edu. & Cha. Trust has aim to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to feeling and producing leaders of the future.

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